Tsurumaki Onsen Jinya Ryokan

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Only an hour away from Tokyo, Tsurumaki Onsen is one of the most conveniently-located hot-spring resorts in Japan. Here, the ambience of ancient tradition coexists harmoniously with modern surroundings.

Strolling through the alleyways, you will come across a Japanese garden which has been carefully maintained in the traditional style. As you pass through the garden, the welcoming sounds of Japanese drums will be heard at the entrance. In this moment, you will forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find yourself drifting away into another era; the era of ancient Japan. "Tsurumaki Onsen Jinya Ryokan" is a traditional Japanese garden inn which has preserved the delicate natural beauty of Japan to this day.

Hayao Miyazaki - the master of Japanese animation - spent a lot of his childhood at this ryokan, and his memories of that time had a significant influence on his films "Tonari no Totoro" (My Neighbor Totoro) and "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" (Spirited Away). The camphor tree depicted in Tonari no Totoro was based upon the image of Totoro no Ki, which can be seen in our garden.
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Hospitality of Jinya

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On arrival, guests are greeted by the sounds of Jin Daiko drums.
Jinya's heartfelt hospitality is second to none.

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Jinya's garden covers an area of approximately 8.2 acres. Take one step inside and you'll find yourself in a whole new world.
The peaceful surroundings soothe our hearts and minds throughout the year. This place is a sanctuary for the precious natural riches of Japan.

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You can hook up your own laptop computer to the free wireless internet in our spacious lobby.

News & Topics

Japanese SHOGI Title Match!

The large board commentary of SHOGI will be held in Takekawa-Hall of Jinya on Tuesday, 3/15, the details as follows:

60st Osho Title Match, Game 6, Best of seven match, Osho Toshiaki Kubo vs Masayuki Toyoshima(6-DAN),
Time: Doors open at 13:00, Title Match starts at 14:00, Location: Takekawa-Hall of Jinya-Ryokan, Charge: 2,000 yen(included coffee), Commentator: Kenji Iino(7-DAN)

No appointments required, you can see the game real time on JINYA RYOKAN.

The Day Before the Wedding!

Celebrity bridal tour just before a wedding reception: 11:00-17:00 Sunday, 2/20, Genji-Kan Hall(Booking required).
Guests would be to look over the place with a wedding planner where is making last minutes preparations, the day before the wedding just like real thing, and making sure everything's organized just right.
We will sincerely wait for coming of everybody.

Latin Music Concert Set for Sun, 2/6.

Trio Loss Pepesu again, authority on Latin music, got great popularity in last year's concert, this time's concert is held in Genji-Kan of Jinya on Sun ,2/6 time table as follows:
Door open / 17:00 Dinner / 17:10 Performance start / 18:00 charge / 8000yen(include dinner and free-drinks)
Arranging to Mexican music - many of well known songs and tune, best part in many of the repertoire, new bringing history to familiar tune. Please enjoy Trio Loss Pepesu's Rhythm of Latin Music.

Bridalfare News!

The first Bridalfare of this year was held in Genji-Kan Hall(This name, Genji has been derived from The Tale of Genji) on Sun,1/23 in Jinya, we've had the wedding ceremony and reception just like real thing , relish a portion of banquet cuisine and guide wedding.

Trying FUGU, A Special Winter Menu!

A Taste of Luxury:Please try FUGU - the candid and delicate taste, FUGU is served as SASHIMI and CHIRINABE , and the fins are toasted and hot sake poured over them. this sake is usually drunk as an aperitif. Please do not forget SHISHINABE-KAISEKI and KAMONABE-KAISEKI also as a Special Winter Menu, SHISHINABE-KAISEKI eaten MISO soup taste, habit and light taste good, KAMONABE-KAISEKI, trying the taste of soup-stock made with freshly shaved plenty of KATSUOBUSHI and light soy sauce. We hope you can enjoy the representative winter dish, click here to cuisine image.

A Happy New Year !

First staff blog of this year, Introducing Jinya's way to spend the new years days, in the morning, we have a good time together for our overnight guests , enjoy the process of making rice cakes(Mochi Tsuki) served in Zoni, the special New Year soup, the smell of steamed glutinous rice hangs in the air, this pounded rice(Mochi) is glossy sparkle, very soft and sticky, and our guests have a breakfast while seeing a ritual dance by a performer wearing a lion's mask; a Japanese Lion Dance, Shishimai is performed as a prayer, at the end of the dance, it is said that the lion "bites" the heads of some our guests, to bring lucky. Click here to other new year's photo. We look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.

All the staff.

Wishing you and your family, all the happiness in the coming new year!

News the special food menu of New Year's period - from 12/31, 2010 to 1/5, 2011, click here to cuisine image , the menu is as follows - 1) Kaiseki Menu - Kaiseki is characterized by formality and restraint, great emphasis being placed on the seasonality of the food and the suitability and beauty of the vessels. Aoi-Kaiseki, Kamonabe-Kaiseki("Duck nabe" - duck hot pot) , Inoshishinabe-Kaiseki("Wild boar nabe" - Wild boar hot pot - wild boar is referred to as yama kujira(mountain whale) or botan(peony) ) 2) Zen Menu - Zen is used for formal Japanese-style dinning,these trays-on-legs used to indicate social status by their several designs. Wagyushichu-Zen(Beef Stew), Tonzuke-Zen(grilled Pork with special sauce) , Child-Zen(for child)  3) A La Carte Menu - Black Cattle steak, Otsukuri-Moriawase(arranging the raw fish on a plate), Tempura-Moriawase(arranging the deep-fried fish and vegetables in a light batter on a plate) , Tonzukeyaki(grilled Pork with special sauce), SpareRib, Japanese omelette.

New pamphlet !

Jinya Ryokan has published a new pamphlet containing unchangeable Jinya's natural beauty and history, if you would like to view this pamphlet, so please click here to download this pamphlet, as a PDF file.

To view or print a PDF file, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer. To download and install this software on your computer, click here to access the Adobe Website.

The Jinya Gardens have been lit up!

The Jinya Gardens have been lit up, A soft light,the silence in the long nights of autumn, We will sincerely wait for coming of everybody.

Shogi News : Guide of masters' championship of Japanese chess - Shogi !

The large board commentary of Sho-gi will be held in Takekawa-Room of Jinya , charge an entrance fee, the details are as follows:

13:00 Wed,9/1,Thu,9/2 : 51st Oo-i Title Match, Game 6, Best of seven match (Ooi FUKAURA vs 6-dan HIROSE )

13:00 Wed,9/29 : 58st Oo-za Title Match, Game 3, Best of five match (Ooza HABU vs 9-dan FUJII)

Luxury Guest Room - MATSUKAZE Stay Plan

A superior example of the ryokan-style luxury guest room, "MATSUKAZE" comes highly recommended. The hot-spring bath and traditional dinner is a great way to experience the classic Japanese lifestyle.

Simple Stay Plan

This room type has tatami flooring and creates a harmonious atmosphere through a nostalgic wood fragrance.
The simple stay plan does not include breakfast or dinner.